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QFM IWMS Software Laptop

In the fast-paced facilities management environment, a tool to optimise the control of assets and resources, improve service delivery and deliver a rapid return on investment is essential. With data traditionally captured on spreadsheets, trends show FMs require more powerful systems, such as IWMS software to manage this.

1) Automation
FM team and building users can save hours of time through IWMS automation. For example, users can make requests directly onto the system without calling the helpdesk and the IWMS system can automatically assign the task to the most appropriate engineer. FMs can also automate processes like regular reporting, fault-finding (via integration with BMS) or automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in settings like healthcare.

2) Accuracy
An IWMS system can accurately capture, monitor, and report on your assets and services, improving communication and performance whilst eliminating the risk of errors typically seen with manually updating a spreadsheet. Comprehensive reporting using real-time data allows more timely and informed decision making. Through improved access to information, facilities managers can manage resources more efficiently and ensure effective preventative maintenance schedules are in place to minimise costs.

3) Flexibility
Unlike spreadsheets, all building and asset data can be stored securely using IWMS software. Users can log in using any browser or the IWMS mobile app to upload images and asset information and gain easy access to essential facilities and maintenance documents. With modular IWMS software such as QFM, modules can be added as required, allowing the software to grow with the needs of the organisation.

4) Integration
Leading IWMS systems can integrate with third party applications such as building management systems (BMS), external health and safety registers, HR and financial software to give users enterprise-wide visibility across your organisation.

5) BIM & Big Data
With BIM being increasingly used around the world, IWMS software is becoming essential to make the most of this building information, unlocking more efficient ways of working. With asset history, location, and lifecycle cost data readily to hand, it’s now easy for an IWMS system to model the data to deliver the best maintenance strategies.

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