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The importance of first impressions cannot be underestimated. On entering a business, the reception is an introduction, setting the scene for what a guest might expect for the rest of their visit. Should they see a disorganized or neglected space, it can lead to questions about the organization’s professionalism or put the visitor or employee in a negative or unproductive mindset. However, FM software can help with this challenge.

While every effort can be made to make a reception warm and welcoming, a general rule is that the less time spent there, the better. Even a well-manned reception can get busy, so allowing guests to sign themselves in and out via touch screen or dedicated computer terminal can reduce queues and administration time. Not only is it faster, it is also safer as the system records visits in a secure database rather than on paper which can be potentially lost or seen by others. Reports can be compiled quickly and easily for security or health and safety purposes at any time, such as in the event of a fire alarm.

SWG’s FM software, QFM, allows badges to be easily created to serve as photographic ID. As visitors check in, they can take a photograph of themselves using the inbuilt camera of the laptop or tablet device (or externally connected camera) for the badge. This is then saved on the system for next time to streamline future check ins. As badges are fully configurable, including the ability to apply corporate branding and support multiple barcode types, they support a professional workplace environment. Should a visitor not want their details to be saved, or request to have them removed from the system at any point, QFM offers a GDPR tool to make this task easy and ensure any identifiable reference is completely removed to provide piece of mind and full data compliance.

While it can be argued that the personal touch is beginning to lose its place in the modern workplace in comparison to new technical developments, functionality like self-service check in ensures the opposite. With routine administration being taken care of through software, receptionists or other members of the FM team can now have extra time to answer questions and provide a more personalised service.

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