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How ISO and globalization is helping Facility Management

The ongoing turmoil around Brexit and Trump’s declaration of support for nationalism this week has led many to question the future of globalization. However, the FM industry has found solidarity in worldwide integration, gaining new ideas and techniques from colleagues across the waters to reduce their own risk and provide more innovative services. The release of ISO 41001 has compounded this, providing a set of international standards for developing and driving an effective strategic, tactical and operational FM regime, drawn on international best practice. The standard also assists in creating language and processes that establish a common approach, which has been hailed by many as a key component of improving the professional status of facilities management. Technology continues to work alongside as a catalyst, improving stability and communication between multi-national or even multi-site organizations to aid growth and profitability.

Our recent FM software survey showed respondents favoured global vendors for FM software, looking for flexible, scalable solutions that can grow with them and seamlessly meet their evolving strategies. A web-based solution such as SWG’s QFM, which includes a cloud hosting option and integrated mobile app, removes distance and time zone constraints and ensures system access 24/7 from any location.

• Centralized help desk

FM requests are controlled by a central hub yet still allow access and support users at different sites across the globe. IT infrastructure costs are reduced, but service levels are not compromised.

• Enterprise dashboard

QFM’s extensive and powerful reporting tools give instant visibility of global trends and operational performance through its personalized reporting console. Users can ‘drag and drop’ the reports they need and configure them as required, such as to show information by site, region, country or service group.

• Mobile working

Supporting operatives and contractors in any location, the app provides the ability to receive, update and close jobs on the move. Intelligent resource controls allow the help desk to manually or automatically assign activities effectively, even for large or geographically dispersed workforces based on skill, location and capacity (including shift patterns, sickness and leave).

• Multilingual capability

The system can be displayed in a range of languages, including English, French and Arabic. This aids effective user adoption and supports international business requirements, whilst helping to cut through language barriers in the global workplace.

• Time zones

QFM provides localization of data across world time zones to ensure that any dates and times viewed by users are always relevant to where they are located. Importantly, the date or time of a maintenance job, service task or booking does not change; it is simply displayed in the local time zone of the user, ensuring complete auditability for compliance purposes.

Find out more about how SWG can support your global business and meet ISO 41001 standards, contact us here.

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