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How regular audits improve FM quality

A mobile workforce with smartphones and smartwatches; IoT and system integration for advanced fault identification; automated operative dispatch. Speed is at the heart of new technological developments, and this is revolutionizing the FM profession. The ability to cut the slack from FM processes is essential in meeting the requirements of the modern, increasingly demanding workplace. With apps in the palm of your hand offering everything from taxis, food and clean laundry in next to no time, building occupants are no longer accustomed to waiting. Yet, poor quality is not an acceptable trade off for speed, and FMs have the unenviable task of ensuring their customers can have it all.

Right first time

Measures such as ensuring work is assigned to operatives with the correct skills and providing accessible asset and job history information through an IWMS app help to ensure high quality levels. Task start and finish times can also be monitored for benchmarking against SLAs. Regular audits can also be conducted through an app, providing increased visibility of the standard of completed work. Audits through an IWMS also have the benefit of transparency and integrity, retaining data on when the audit was conducted and what was reported in a fully secure database.

Expect the unexpected

QFM, from Service Works Global, offers a flexible audits tool providing the ability to completely customize the locations for inspection, the content, number of questions and how often the inspection tours should occur. The system automatically schedules the dates and times for each tour, within the given parameters. This avoids the inspections being skewed, for example by taking samples straight after cleaning has taken place. The system also randomizes the questions allocated to each tour, so each operative does not need to perform the full inspection, freeing resources, and reducing disruption to the tour location. Should the auditor be unable to take the number of samples required, for example if the office is locked or toilet cubicle in use, QFM will flag the omission and reschedule the sample(s) in question onto a future tour.

Performance and compliance

The audit process is backed by extensive reporting tools to ensure easy identification of outstanding / completed tours, failed areas including supplemental photographs, and compare audits by time period or location. In addition to gaining a better understanding of quality levels, the audits can provide valuable data for performance-based and public-private partnership (P3) contracts, and demonstrate compliance for areas including health and safety, asbestos management and cleaning standards.

To find out more about how a regular audit process can fit within your resources, contact SWG for more information or a demonstration.

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