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Announcing the latest release of QFM Web (Version 1.32) and incorporating an enhanced version of the acclaimed Event Wizard

Event Wizard

In response to facilities management becoming an increasingly service-centric discipline, Service Works has designed QFM Event Wizard, an intuitive graphical tool which enables self-service reporting of incidents / jobs in the workplace or in public areas. Key features include:

  • Custom home pages, with graphical buttons relevant to the business or site, making job logging quick and easy for end-users
  • Intuitive navigation and pre-populated drop-down menus to simplify the process
  • Tailored workflows which can be created for each user profile, to provide rapid access to key features that are relevant to their role
  • Job management capabilities to enable Helpdesk Supervisors and Managers to escalate incident-related tasks to in-house staff or outsourced contractors and oversee progress
  • Job-related data which can be analysed in dashboard reports, to monitor and review performance against SLAs

QFM Event Wizard provides an innovative means for self-service job logging, to enable organisations to streamline job management, ensure customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

To book a demonstration of the latest QFM release, contact your account manager or e-mail info@swg.com.