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10th April 2017

Video: QFM Asset Lifecycle

The new QFM Asset Lifecycle module optimises and extends the life of assets and equipment by: Predicting expenditure over an asset’s life or over a set period of time Comparing planned versus actual cost and performance of equipment Quickly evaluating multiple maintenance plans Identifying under-performing assets Balancing PPM costs versus reactive expenditure Supporting informed, long-term […]

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14th February 2017

QFM v1.36 – User Defined Forms

QFM now gives users the ability to create forms in order to collect information exactly as required, therefore improving reporting and customer satisfaction. Build tailored forms using simple customisable templates Control response options to allow for more meaningful reporting Choose when the survey appears – either via email or on screen Report on the results […]

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7th February 2017

QFM Mobile App – Latest Features

The latest QFM Mobile app operates on Android and IOS devices to streamline remote task management, optimise service delivery and improve operational efficiency. The software provides the ability to: Instantly despatch work order to operatives or contractors in the field at the touch of a button Share critical job details and related information in real […]

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26th January 2017

QFM v.1.36 – Guest Self-Service Check In

The latest release of QFM, version 1.36 allows you to save time and boost efficiency by enabling visitors to check themselves into your premises. Installed on an iPad, public computer or kiosk, Self-Service check-in requires no training to use and maintains a professional experience even at an unmanned reception. Clear on-screen instructions make check-in easy […]

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5th May 2016

Australian QFM User Forum Slides

The latest QFM User Forum for Australian clients took place on the 8th April 2016, and it was great to see so many of our customers at the event. A copy of the slides that were presented can be viewed here. Thank you to Melbourne Cricket Ground for kindly hosting the event.

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6th April 2016

QFM v1.35 – Guest Login

One of the highlights of this release is the new Guest Login feature, which allows those without a QFM profile to create requests on the system.  This is particularly beneficial for shared computers and kiosks, offering customers and members of the public the opportunity to log jobs quickly and easily. Choose which modules to give […]

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9th March 2016

Video: QFM Quick Porterage

Save time and gain flexibility with QFM Quick Porterage on QFM 1.34. New features include: Use drop down lists of pre-configured locations and destinations Specify type of porterage required, and advise of deadlines Add attachments to the porterage request to provide additional information  

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9th March 2016

Video: Asset Groups

Effectively manage equipment using the new asset groups feature in QFM. This provides the ability to: Create asset groups consisting of a primary asset and any number of subsidiary assets Link number of related assets, for example when identifying the constituent parts of a large piece of machinery      

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2nd March 2016

Video: QFM Projects

Keep projects on time and in budget with this new release from QFM v1.34. New features include: Group together related events to form a project Set project parameters such as budget and deadline to assist with top level planning Create reports using new functionality in the Report Centre  

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25th February 2016

Video: QFM Quick Bookings

Streamline the management of meeting rooms and shared workspace with QFM Quick Bookings. Key features include: A simple, intuitive diary view which enables users to quickly and easily make future bookings or reserve a room for immediate use The ability to specify set up and clear down times, in order to ensure that bookings do […]

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10th February 2016

Video: QFM Event Types Walk Through

Save time and streamline administrative procedures with QFM Event Types – watch the new video here. Key features include: The ability to create customised job (event) types, for example, catering The creation of tailored workflows for each job type, to match internal processes Event type configuration can be applied across the entire QFM system, from […]

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3rd February 2016

Video: QFM Costs Walk Through

Increase budgetary control and drive profitability with QFM Event Costs- watch the new video here. Key features include: Estimated and actual costs fields Add automatic values for jobs and expenses Export data to Excel for easy reporting and distribution  

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2nd December 2015

Video: Room Booking Walk Through

QFM Room Booking Planner is a simple but yet powerful feature, providing an overview of all rooms across multiple locations, as well as details of the meetings and organisers at a glance.

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26th November 2015

Video: QFM Mobile Walk Through

The second video in our series introduces QFM Mobile, improving information flow between office and field-based operatives. This video highlights features including a colour coding system to manage job priorities, GPS linking to identify asset location and the ability to update job with new information in real-time.  

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30th October 2015

Video: QFM Resource Scheduler Walk Through

The latest version of QFM Software (version 1.33) is packed full of enhancements and we’ve produced a series of short videos to showcase them for you. In this first short video, we introduce the Resource Scheduler, a powerful tool that allows you to manage tasks, contractors and operatives in one place, improving productivity and efficiency.  

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14th October 2015

Video: QFM Help Desk Functionality

Service Works has published a short video for clients, which demonstrates the features available within the QFM Help Desk system. It has been designed to support customers in ensuring that their employees are proficient in using QFM and are fully equipped to efficiently manage reactive maintenance requests, even on busy FM help desks where staff churn […]

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