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Ensure optimum FM service levels: a white paper from SWG (Service Works Global)

Ensure a High Performing FM Team

This guide explains how, whether the FM service is delivered by an external provider or an in-house team, the effective management of performance can drive the FM function to work at the optimum level and achieve the highest service levels.

It outlines how software solutions can support FMs by providing real-time, historical, and projected performance analysis and visualization of end-to-end performance. This enables service providers to improve performance through early detection and proactive monitoring, as well as tracking KPIs and their impact on the business and contractual SLAs.

Access top tips for any business looking to improve their FM performance through themes such as:

  • The use of service level agreements and key performance indicators to measure good performance (and imposing financial penalties for poor performance)
  • The impact that gain share and the intelligent client can have on performance excellence
  • How performance reporting can also provide a corner-stone to success

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