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Top 5 Reasons to Implement a CAFM system

In the fast-paced facilities management environment, a tool that can optimise control of assets and resources, improve service delivery and deliver a rapid return on investment is essential. With data traditionally captured on spreadsheets, trends show industries now require powerful CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) software to manage data.

1 AccuracyLogging information on spreadsheets is a simple way to manage workflow on a small scale, but it doesn’t lend itself to a larger, higher volume environment. It also provides little consistency in data capture and reporting, and to poses a significant data security risk. A CAFM system will accurately capture, monitor and report on your assets and services, improving communication, performance and costs.


2 CostComprehensive reporting using real-time data allows more timely and informed decision making. Through improved access to information, facilities managers can also manage resources more efficiently. For example, planning regular maintenance to extend asset life, monitor performance against SLAs, or ensuring deadlines are met and penalties for non-performance are avoided.


3 Flexibility

CAFM software based in the Cloud enables access to your system from any device with an internet connection. This means a continuous and accurate record of workflow – from operatives in the field uploading information, pictures and even sound clips from jobs to the central database, to managers allocating jobs instantly based on the geographic location and availability of the team.


4 IntegrationService Works’ CAFM system, QFM, is developed in Microsoft .NET technology and has an easy to use system interface in order to minimise the learning curve. QFM integrates with third party applications such as leading BMS (Building Management Systems), external health and safety registers, HR and financial software to give enterprise-wide visibility across your organisation.



With BIM becoming a mandatory requirement for all centrally procured government construction projects in the UK in April, and rising in popularity throughout the world, a CAFM system is becoming essential to make the most of information generated and unlock more efficient ways of working. With information about asset history, location and lifecycle costs, it will be easier than ever for a CAFM system to model the data to help produce the best maintenance strategies.

Request our whitepaper, Deriving Meaningful Data from FM Software & BIM Integration, for more information.

For more information about Service Works’ CAFM system, QFM, and what it can do for your company call us on 020 8877 4080 or request a demonstration here

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