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Service Works Group (SWG), international P3 performance delivery and facilities management software provider, has announced the opening of its new offices in Sydney. In addition to the team in Melbourne, SWG Sydney will be responsible for driving sales, marketing, service delivery and support of its continually diversifying portfolio of software and P3 contracts.

The move demonstrates a sustained period of international growth for SWG, particularly within the healthcare and education sector, with operations continuing to expand throughout North America, the Middle and Far East, and now Australasian markets. SWG are now instrumental in the delivery 166 P3 contracts across four contents, signaling a truly global scope of activity for SWG and a more general growing trend for public-private partnership contracts across the world economy.

The Sydney based operation will be headed up by Samantha Fuller, who will primarily be tasked with spearheading further growth within the diverse and competitive P3 marketplace in the Asia-Pacific. Samantha has a range of expertise in the software delivery sector.

Gary Watkins, CEO of SWG, commented: “Service Works Group are delighted to be establishing operations in Sydney. After a period of considerable international activity and growth in Melbourne, establishing a deeper presence in Australia seemed the natural next step in securing continuing success in this major business region”.

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