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QFM 3.1 Release

QFM facilities and maintenance CAFM software

SWG is pleased to present new product features in its forthcoming QFM 3.1 Web release. Product development is driven by client requirements and market trends as well as our continued commitment to provide enhancements to our existing functionality to drive efficiencies. The QFM 3.1 release includes the new Room Audits Module, increased functionality to its Space & Room Booking feature and further integrations and enhancements.


    • Room Audits Module complies with highest level cleaning and maintenance standards, helping keep high risk spaces safe and clean for everyone on site.
    • Room Audits Module is fully integrated with the rest of the QFM platform, giving greater visibility and SLA tracking around Tasks created.
    • Easily book rooms and desks ahead of time from PC/Mobile device and help maintain social distancing measures.
    • A new ‘My Bookings’ screen allows users to monitor upcoming room bookings all in one place.
    • QFM 3.1 delivers on maintaining the high level of security standards for its clients, with further enhancements built into this release.

For more information please refer to our release notes, download our QFM 3.1 Flyer, or contact your account manager for a demonstration.