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NHS cleaning standards space management software SWG

QFM’s space management software allows you to ensure that cleanliness within your healthcare facility remains in line with NHS standards, via a graphical floor plan interface. This specialised module, built specifically for use within the UK healthcare market, streamlines cleaning audits and inspections to ensure compliance. The software is fully configurable to meet the specific requirements of healthcare trusts and ensure ongoing NHS cleaning compliance should standards change.

  • Allocation of cleaning work areas via colour coded floor plans with individual rooms assigned to each area
  • Categorisation of work areas or rooms by level of risk helps to maintain standards
  • Automated generation of checklists with cleanliness scoring supports cleaning audits
  • Graphical display of audit results on floor plans allows problem areas to be quickly identified
  • Ability to include shaded floor plans on audit sheets provides a graphical reference of rooms and areas to be checked
  • Full integration with other QFM Space modules ensures that space management data is consistent

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