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Mark Kirkham, Director of Service Works Group, speaks to PFM about trends in facilities management and how FM software plays a part.

Highlighting the FM sector’s growing interest  in providing round-the-clock services, Mark discusses how QFM can meet these needs. Powerful functionality such as Self-Service and QFM’s Mobile App can reduce service delivery times, increase flexibility and reduce operational  costs by enabling a greater rate of first-time fixes. Mark also talks of the importance of using a software approach in order to manage standards and processes effectively.


January 2019

2018 in Review – What Were the Key Priorities in FM?

Looking back on 2018, what topics were of most interest to FM professionals? Read our round up here.

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December 2018

Service Works Global Announces Further Expansion in FM and PPP Arena

Service Works Global (SWG) announces merger with the FM division of its Scandinavian sister company, Symetri.

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September 2018

Latest QFM Release

QFM’s new features have been developed to streamline visitor bookings and support asset management processes.

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