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Digital Transformation in FM - Use of Tech in FM

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Procuring FM software is often a resource-intensive process which must be carefully structured in order to ensure its ongoing success in delivering long-term cost and efficiency savings and meeting the wider objectives of the organisation.

That’s why Service Works has designed a complimentary Guide to Buying FM Software, which provides essential advice for Facilities Managers tasked with reviewing and selecting FM applications. It gives guidance for undertaking a feasibility study, operational considerations pre-system selection and other important factors that should be explored before the software is purchased.

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University estates and CAFM software
May 2019

A University Challenge

There’s never been a tougher time to run a modern university. This week’s blog looks at the challenges education facilities face and how they are being overcome.

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SWG launches BIM e-Book for FMs
June 2019

New e-book provides crucial insight into BIM

Service Works has introduced its new BIM e-Book which discusses the present and future roles of BIM for FM.

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Case Study G4S Correctional Services Australia - Service Works Global
May 2019

Port Phillip Prison Adopts QFM Software

G4S Corrections Services has successfully adopted SWG’s QFM Software to manage all FM services; ensuring a high standard of care for its prisoners.

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