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Actively managing assets is essential for efficient and sustainable operation of an organisation and, at an aggregate level, for the economy. Whether it’s an item of building services plant, a school or a railway bridge every asset needs to be managed and maintained to ensure it continues to function within design parameters.

This white paper provides an overview of asset management within the facilities management context. It is targeted at the practising facilities professional with little knowledge of professional asset management and explores some of the key definitions of asset management, together with the terminology used.

It looks at the four phases of an asset’s life, from planning and acquisition, to operation, maintenance and then disposal and the role good asset management plays in each. It also explores the impact ISO 55000, the new suite of International Standards, has upon effective asset management.

In addition, the white paper examines the role of CAFM and IWMS technology to track and manage assets and enable proactive asset management. A useful glossary at the end explains some of the commonly-used abbreviations and acronyms in the field of asset management together with some areas for further reading on the topic.

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