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Service Works and CCPPP PPP Operational Phase white paper

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The strategic priority within Public Private-Partnerships (PPPs or P3s) is shifting from doing deals to ensuring that existing assets are being operated and maintained well. But the operational phase of PPP contracts presents numerous challenges which need to be considered and addressed in order to ensure value for money for the contract.

This white paper, produced by Service Works Group in partnership with the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships (CCPPP), will review how to address these challenges, with a particular focus on creating strong, long-lasting partnerships in order to ensure a successful PPP project.

Themes include:

  • Management of the operational phase: understanding the challenges
  • Developing a robust and effective partnership
  • Translating the contract into a clear performance management system
  • Understanding the benefits of accurate information and data
  • Adopting a user-friendly contract management tool

For your complimentary copy of our white paper, ‘Cost Control and Financial Awareness in the Operational Phase of PPPs’, please click here.

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