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This comprehensive guide explains for an audience of new and established market players the technical content of the PF2 reform, focusing on the substantive changes which have been introduced, why they matter and the crucial role to be played by new equity and debt investors. The white paper also provides an analysis as to who the new equity and debt investors are, what their specific expectations will be, as well as the importance of integrated payment mechanisms for such investors and the benefits of using software to manage long‐term risk.

The introduction of PF2 will transform the market for infrastructure finance, placing limits on the role of commercial banks and require the entry of institutional investors such as pension fund and insurance companies. Institutional investors often lack dedicated specialist teams to undertake due diligence to ensure that risks have been property identified, allocated and mitigated. This will create an enhanced need for clarity about the true magnitude and severity of project risks, alongside greater assurance that risks have been allocated to the parties best placed to manage them.

In the white paper, SWG identifies and explains the importance of: engaging the contract management software supplier during the preferred bidder stage to ensure that risks are properly understood, allocated and mitigated; and of selecting a software tool that incorporates a fully integrated payment mechanism to interpret and operationalise the contract, ensuring that risk management is effectively achieved and serves the objectives of all parties.

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