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Strategic space planning software from Service Works Group

In addition to managing day-to-day changes within your workspace, QFM Space allows you to forecast future space requirements in order to align your real estate portfolio with the operational needs of your business. By defining individual growth forecasts against any part of your organisation’s hierarchy, you are able to accurately determine the amount and type of future space required. Multiple ‘what if’ scenarios allow to you visualise how your space may look in the future.

  • Highly detailed space information, down to desk or room level, allows for highly detailed plans and predictions to be created with minimal effort
  • Flexible growth forecasting (by percentage or headcount) can be applied to any level of organisational hierarchy (region, division, department)
  • Multiple ‘what if’ scenarios allow identification of space savings
  • Automatic application of property portfolio changes (e.g. lease changes, refurbishments) to future space plans ensures accuracy
  • Strategic planning reports display space and occupancy projections in both text-based output and on graphical floor plans

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