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PPP contract reporting software

P3rform comes equipped with a comprehensive suite of PPP contract reporting tools to provide real time performance monitoring and ensure complete auditability.

Live dashboard reports monitor service delivery against SLAs, to provide early identification of potentially costly service failures, enabling remedial action to be taken before failure occurs. Fully integrated PPP performance deduction reporting calculates monthly, quarterly or annual charges – information that would normally take days or weeks to produce manually.

Reports can be automatically distributed to key personnel, to improve enterprise-wide communication, ensure auditability and transparency between all stakeholders.

  • Real time dashboard reporting and performance monitoring against SLAs
  • Automated monthly, quarterly or annual deduction reporting configured to unique PPP contract parameters
  • 250+ on demand reports
  • Flexible, user-definable criteria and filtering options, including the creation of ‘what if’ scenarios to improve performance
  • Multiple reporting outputs (Excel, PDF etc.)
  • Automated report scheduling and distribution
  • Complete data integrity creates transparency and trust between all partners

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