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According to our recent FM technology survey, in partnership with FMJ and FM magazine, only a third (35%) of respondents said that their CAFM software helped them improve health and safety compliance. Unsurprisingly, planned and reactive maintenance management were the most popular features, with 84% using their CAFM systems for this.

As CAFM evolves, new functionality is frequently released to help FM teams meet the challenges they face but in addition, it’s always good practice to review a system and see how existing features could be used in a different way. For example, in addition to creating maintenance schedules by asset, schedules could also be created by location to to greatly reduce administration time and improve site safety.

Schedules by location

Service Works Global’s CAFM software, QFM, allows users to manage their sites by location through its Site Explorer functionality. Schedules can be created to cover whole areas like a site or a floor, or narrowed down to an individual room rather than creating a series of individual jobs. A schedule could be made for cleaning, for example a recurring daily job to deep clean all the washrooms on the second floor. Work is scheduled by the system and automatically sent to the most suitable operative, depending on their skills, location, shift pattern and workload.

Sharing documents

By attaching a document to a schedule, FM teams can be sure that important information is shared and read by operatives working at any given location. A health and safety policy on COVID-19, for example, reminding staff of handwashing procedures or when they should not be entering the building, could be attached at site level; meaning every job taking place at that site will include this document. Or, a COSHH sheet for strong cleaning chemicals could be attached to cleaning jobs at a site or floor in order to protect the worker. QFM’s mobile app requires users to read the document and check a box to confirm they have understood and agreed with the content before they are able to commence the work.

Forms and checklists

Forms and checklists are an easy way to help maintain standards, especially during periods of uncertainty, where a heightened level of response and flexibility may be required. Forms and checklists are fully customisable, allowing users to create a unique set of questions tailored to their company. Sent to the operative as part of the job, each task on the checklist must be completed as part of the visit. Photos can also be attached to the job if supporting evidence is required. Start and finish times are recorded as well as any comments, sign off and client feedback to ensure high standards, continuous growth and improvement within the team.

For more information about QFM Site Explorer, or to speak to Service Works Global about how QFM can help with health and safety at your company – particularly in uncertain times , please contact us here.