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In the wake of the Grenfell Disaster four years ago, the Building Safety Bill is due to be published in 2022 by the UK Government and outline the biggest changes to safety regulations in a generation. The Bill will have far-reaching effects for FMs and property owners of high-rise buildings, hospitals and care homes that exceed 18m or are seven or more storeys, with at least two residential units.

As recommended by the Hackitt Report, the Building Safety Bill will introduce the concept of a ‘golden thread’ as a tool to manage buildings as holistic systems and allow people to use information to safely and effectively design, construct and operate their buildings across their lifecycle – even after ownership has changed hands.

Service Works Global (SWG), a leading CAFM and BIM solutions vendor, has created a new guide to give an overview of the Bill as relevant to building owners and FM teams. ‘Creating a Golden Thread: The Building Safety Bill for FM and Property Owners’ We will look into how CAFM and BIM technology can assist in meeting safety standards and how to create a golden thread for existing buildings.

  • The guide will provide insight into:
  • Improving safety and accountability
  • Creating a golden thread and digitising new and existing buildings
  • Gathering data for the golden thread, and what else it can be used for
  • How CAFM and BIM software can ease the process.

Download the complimentary guide here.

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