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Mitie FM and PPP case study - swg

Leading integrated FM service provider Mitie’s PFI division is responsible for 32 healthcare centres and schools across the UK, all operating under public-private partnership (PPP) contracts.

High-priority sectors such as these, where even small failures have a big impact, demand a responsive FM team supported by a powerful system. QFM software, from Service Works Global, was chosen for its ability to handle the intricacies of PPP contracts. The number of KPIs varies for each contract from around 200 to a thousand or more, where a wider range of services are supplied. Many of the KPI service levels are associated with the facility opening hours, which means the software not only needs to manage and allocate the jobs, but also intelligently calculate when they are due.

Lee Clarke, System Support Analyst (PPP) at Mitie, comments: “A big selling point to us for Service Works Global’s QFM software was its ability to handle different sets of core hours of different sites and contracts. We were able to specify the exact terms for each room in each building to ensure we could report fully on our performance. Other systems were simply not capable of doing this.”

SWG recently worked with the Mitie systems team to implement QFM’s integrated payment mechanism on one of Mitie’s PPP contracts, with outstanding results. Clarke recalls: “Enabling the client to see exactly how we will be working, and what factors will be taken into consideration, promotes more trust between us. They understand how deductions are calculated and, as a result, query less of the figures.”

Under Mitie’s previous legacy system, calculations had to be performed on spreadsheets. This was a time-consuming process that was also prone to error, with much time dedicated to technical checking and fixing. “Our commercial team were spending time looking into the spreadsheet formulae instead of just being able to just check the accuracy of deductions,” says Clarke. “With QFM, it’s just a matter of specifying a few parameters and clicking the generate button. It’s so easy.”

Read the full Mitie case study here or request a demonstration of QFM software.


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