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Facilities Show 2017 Service Works Group FM Software

This year’s Facilities Show, held at London’s Excel Centre last week, was once again a high point of the FM calendar. Visitors flocked to the show from across the UK and even as far afield as Saudi Arabia to find out what’s new in this ever-changing sector, eager to learn more about the influx of new technology and its relationship with current systems and processes.

As a market leader for CAFM (computer aided facilities management) software, Service Works Group has exhibited at the show since it was first launched. With a recent raft of accolades, including being named ‘Smart IWMS Innovator’ by Verdantix and represented in Gartner’s IWMS Market Guide, as well as a reputation for extensive industry research, the company was well placed to offer advice and guidance at the event.

“This year there is significant focus on IoT, automation and smart buildings, and their benefits to FM”, said CEO Gary Watkins. “Our mobile app has also generated a lot of interest as FMs look to be more connected and accessible. In particular our work in healthcare using automated systems and robots integrated with QFM software has inspired many to investigate how this pioneering technology can be used to benefit their organisation.”

In addition to showcasing its latest technology offering, Service Works also showcased its new, back-to-basics publication, ‘Quick Guide to Buying CAFM Software’. This guide helps FMs cut through the jargon and clearly understand the process of selecting the right CAFM system for their organisation. With rapid advances in technology, a strong CAFM application will prove a valuable foundation from which to build on and integrate with other technologies, so it must be carefully selected with future proofing in mind.

A series of seminars also punctuated the show, discussing subject matters such as artificial intelligence (AI), smart technology and the need for cross-industry collaboration. All of these things will keep FM at the heart of a business, rather than being pushed to the periphery. The message from the show was clear; those with a strategy in place to embrace the change will reap significant benefits.

For those unable to visit Facilities Show 2017, watch Service Works’ video recap below.

Service Works has produced a library of white papers on topics such as integrating CAFM Software, strategic space management and transitioning from Excel to FM software. View these white papers here.



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