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As the summer draws to an end, SWG looks back on the progress through the last quarter. Our latest newsletter will highlight the key updates from over the last few months, including case studies, announcements such as the renewing of our ISO accreditations for another year, and the release of new resources to help FM teams navigate the challenging FM landscape.


ISO Accreditations Renewed

Despite a challenging year for so many, we have, once again, achieved ISO certification for exceptional information security (ISO 27001) and quality management (ISO 9001).  Recognised worldwide, ISO 27001 is the gold standard certificate in IT security. Organisations awarded with it meet essential criteria in the key areas of data confidentiality and integrity, and availability of systems and data.  The ISO 9001 standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer service focus, a process-driven approach and a commitment to continual improvement.

We also celebrated the renewal of our Microsoft Gold Certified Partner accreditation, which recognises our ability to deliver best-in-class solutions and its expertise with Microsoft enterprise technologies.


Client Case Study – 3D BIM Modelling

Read our new case study with Bräckeskolan School.

The local administration in the City of Gothenburg, Sweden, commissioned SWG to develop a 3D BIM model (building information model) of the 8,000m2  Bräckeskolan  school. The model and data will be used as a design reference for the renovation and extension of the school, and for the production of as-built plans.

Facilities Show: Connect 2021 

Service Works Global attended the first fully virtual Facilities Show: Connect 2021. SWG took part in both a technical product demo and a panel discussion entitled ‘Data-Driven Decision Making’. Each session was accompanied by a live Q&A and gave our clients an opportunity to engage with our CAFM software and industry trends.

Industry Collaboration: SWG & IWFM discuss BIM for FM

Our BIM specialist, Penny Brinsley, joined the IWFM to present a two-part webinar, “BIM Data for FM Systems.” The webinars provided an introduction and overview on what BIM is, how to use it as a support for effective facilities and asset management, and the management of transferring BIM data into an operational system. You can watch on-demand via IWFM.

BIM and FM Knowledge Share

BIM for Facilities Management Webinar

Service Works Global hosted a free webinar highlighting the benefits of BIM for FM teams.

  • What BIM is, and how FM teams can use it to improve asset management, enhance maintenance planning, better manage space and reduce costs around facilities upkeep, maintenance and improvements
  • BIM for new buildings vs existing buildings
  • How and why to integrate BIM with CAFM software
  • Digital twins

Building Lifecycle Management 

Our new eBook entitled Building Lifecycle for FM: Maximising Your Building’s Potential in the Operational Phase’ highlights the benefits of building lifecycle management (BLM) for facilities managers and features several industry experts and professionals. Download the eBook to understand how to maximise your building priorities, how to improve the building services through automation, the importance of digitalisation for FMs, and the five benefits of our BLM software for your company.

Quick Guide to Implementing CAFM for Aged Care 

This guide will break down the process of implementing a CAFM in a quick and understandable way, providing tips on what to consider before purchase and the steps involved in getting a new system successfully up and running. It will address your organisational challenges, the implementation process and what to expect from your CAFM vendor. 

QFM and Aged Care: Investigating the Royal Commission’s Report 

The Royal Commission investigated and have recommended an overhaul of the current aged care system in Australia, with emphasis on improved regulation and transparency. These reforms will affect facility management teams, with a strong focus on modernisation to improve care home performance. Our new whitepaper looks at the challenges that aged care FM teams face and how a CAFM like QFM software makes it easier to respond to them. 

Quick Guide to Implementing CAFM for Care Specialists 

Specialist care organisations like aged care, social care and special needs education can have complex requirements for their building users, but many facilities and maintenance managers still use spreadsheets. This guide will break down the process of implementing CAFM in a quick and understandable way, providing tips on what to consider before purchase and the steps involved in getting a new system successfully up and running. 


Feel free to contact us  with particular items or topics of interest you would like to see covered in future newsletters. Meanwhile, for more information about how Service Works Global and QFM software can help you with FM, PPP, BIM or space management, contact us or request a demonstration.   


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