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As the year comes to a close, SWI is proud to share some highlights and key moments from the last few months, supporting the FM industry. From events, both in-person and virtual, through to thought leadership pieces with leading FM journals we’ve provided insights and tools to help organisations meet the changing needs of the industry. This Christmas, we have made a donation to UNICEF worldwide to help support those affected by ongoing conflicts around the world.

Read on to find out how we have helped many clients optimise their facility operations, reduce costs, and improve sustainability.

Software Launches

QFM Software Updates

With the news that push notifications will be unsupported from June 2024, all QFM clients who wish to continue using push notifications for their Visits will require a Mobile Server upgrade or to upgrade to QFM 5.1. Some of the new features and enhancements in QFM 5.1 include improved security, performance, usability and compatibility with various devices and platforms.

The latest release of QFM 5.1 includes a number of functionality enhancements across the platform. Assets enhancements, such as longer barcode scanning options and configurable ‘Find Assets’ filters via QFM workflows has been added as well as QFM Events and QFM Wizard enhancements. More information about the QFM 5.1 release will be shared in January as well as the opportunity to join our Mobile Beta Programme.


University & Healthcare Estates and Innovation (UHEI) Conference

One of the numerous events we attended this quarter was the UHEI conference in Birmingham, UK. We exhibited with SWI client and Chief Engineer Edward Payne from Kettering General Hospital and NHS Trust whose talk about his journey with compliance and estate management and how QFM assists with both,  generated a lot of interest and discussion. The conference talked a lot about smart building technology in the public sector as well as other trends that may come to fruition in the industry.

The Golden Thread Through to Digital Twins

Our business development director, Marc Watkins, joined a panel with leading University College London staff and Igor Starkov, VP of Digital Twins at Siemens, to discuss ‘The Golden Thread through to Digital Twins’. Hosted by the IWFM Tech SIG and in partnership with the IWFM Rising FMs Network, the event focused on digital twin technology and digitalisation issues within the facilities management sectorIf you’d like to know more about our BIM and digitalisation services, get in touch with us here.

QFM User Group

In November we hosted a  user group in the UK for QFM users which included sessions on key product updates, support and professional services as well as a session from one of our healthcare clients. This event provided clients the opportunity to attend workshops discussing key points around Building Lifecycle Management, the QFM Mobile App and Integrations. Thank you to all who attended; if you would like to know more please email info@swg.com.

BIM and FM Knowledge Share

Digital Dilemma

How can FMs determine which digital solutions meet their specific needs? Our Chief Technology Officer, Paul McCarthy, spoke to Facilities Management Journal to explore the relationship between CAFM software and other digital tools like building information modelling (BIM), digital twins, and Internet of Things (IoT) and smart building technologies. He states, “Ultimately, all the above converging together will create an optimal building management system. As buildings and building requirements continue to grow and develop, having a succinct and established building management system to assist with performance and asset management is transitioning from a desirable arrangement to a necessary one.”

Creating Better Buildings with BIM

Using BIM data to construct buildings or retrofit existing buildings provides FMs with in-depth and up-to-date information about the building and assets within it. Marc Watkins, Business Development Director at Service Works Global, is featured in the November Issue of Public Sector Build Journal, discussing how retrofitting existing buildings with BIM technology can improve building capabilities and how it can help building owners during the RAAC crisis.

The Effect FM Services have on Productivity

Great FM services contribute to a great employee experience, which in turn boosts productivity, as happier workers are 13% more productive. Exploring workplace trends and challenges, Marc Watkins, discussed in PFM’s November issue about the need for FM to be agile and adaptable to changing employee needs. He states, “Making sure workspaces are optimised for employee needs, creating more collaborative spaces, and confirming assets are running as they should all helps to make the workplace a happy and productive space.”

Software Solutions for Better Workplace Management

Integrating room booking systems and space management software can help FMs track room usage, give insightful data about the workspace and help them adapt to new ways of working. Space management software like QFM Space also helps facilities managers improve collaboration, productivity and decision-making in the workplace. Penny Brinsley, Account Director at SWI, spoke to FM UK and Tomorrow’s FM about how space management can create a better working environment.

For more details on any of these items, please email us at info@swg.com.

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