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PPP Performance management software private financier

Equity and debt investors need to understand how PPP contract terms will be interpreted and operated in practice, so that the scale and severity of the risks to which they are exposed are clear. From the outset, they need to see that project cos and FM service providers have mechanisms in place to identify and evaluate the main threats to cash flow, so that issues can be addressed or avoided in a timely and effective way.

For both new and existing contracts, P3rform provides investors with a broad range of benefits in terms of:

  • Creating mutual understanding of how PPP contract obligations will be realised
  • Offering FM service providers real-time data on performance so they can mitigate risks
  • Capturing the complexity of events that threaten cash flows over the life-cycle
  • Demonstrating to public authorities the scope and value of service delivery
  • Providing potential new investors with reliable data on cash flow stability and risk management

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