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PPP Performance management software public sector partner

Public authorities require accurate and secure information about the availability of contracted facilities and the quality of maintenance and services. When PPP contracts are supported by P3rform software, authorities gain the transparency, auditability and integrity of data they require. By enabling FM service providers to monitor, forecast and avoid events which lead to the disruption of public services, P3rform aids public sector authorities in achieving value for money from PPP contracts.

For both new and existing contracts, P3rform provides public authorities with major benefits in terms of:

  • Generating insight as to how payment mechanisms work
  • Providing consistent data during operations, enabling better value for money
  • Ensuring that contract management processes are robust and acceptable to auditors
  • Enabling changes to better achieve the public sector’s goals over the lifecycle
  • Helping to strengthen stakeholder relationships through the provision of shared and trusted performance data
  • Providing robust and reliable data on asset lifecycle and energy matters

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