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With the holidays fast approaching, Service Works Global (SWG) reflects on the challenges and achievements of 2021. Facilities management has been at the forefront of the built environment during this past year, with sustainability commitments, building safety and the ongoing unprecedented challenges of the pandemic in the workplace being key drivers for the industry. SWG is proud to have provided the tools, through QFM software, to help with these challenges.

Software Launches

The new QFM 3.3 release included significant enhancements to the Parts and Stocks module, comprehensive asset data collection, and further enhancements to our market-leading CAFM software. Furthermore, the QFM 3.3 web release included increased functionality around the SFG20 and QFM integration, linking the QFM maintenance schedules to the corresponding SFG20 schedules, and ensuring generated jobs include appropriate SFG20 maintenance steps.

BIM and FM Knowledge Share

SWG hosted 2021’s online User Group with an enthusiastic turnout. Over the course of the day, we demonstrated new QFM product functionality, provided users with suggestions for making the most of QFM and looked ahead at the product roadmap. We were also pleased to have a speaker from our client Manchester Central Convention Centre, who shed insight into how QFM has helped them grow.

Universities across the world have been hit by COVID-19 disruption for many months. Our Helping Universities Thrive in the Post Pandemic World white paper explores how CAFM can assist FMs in getting more out of available resources and streamlining operations to become more efficient time-saving, and affordable.

In the wake of the Grenfell disaster four years ago, the Building Safety Bill will be published in 2022 by the UK Government. Our Creating a Golden Thread white paper gives an overview of the Bill as relevant to building owners and FM teams and how CAFM and BIM technology can assist in meeting safety standards.

We recently attended the University & Healthcare Estates & Innovation event in Birmingham to discuss BIM and CAFM, and Archibus software’s role in the journey. On the panel was Penny Brinsley, one of SWG’s Account Directors, alongside our client, Bath University.

In November, our CTO Paul McCarthy took part in the UK BIM Alliance’s panel discussion about the Construction Playbook and Transforming Infrastructure Performance at Digital Construction Week. Paul brought his FM perspective to the BIM discussion, outlining the importance and benefits of BIM at the operational phase.

Looking Ahead

We have launched the FM Tech Survey 2021 with FM journal FMJ this month to assess how industry professionals are using technology in their role and identify any significant technology trends. We will share our findings with the industry in early 2022. Read our blog for a reflection on ten years of FM surveys, with data collated from the past decade.

Contact us or request a demonstration for more information about how Service Works Global and QFM software can help you with FM, PPP, BIM, or space management.


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