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Our return on investment (ROI) calculator helps to demonstrate the financial savings CAFM software can deliver.

It has been designed to assist you in analysing and measuring the significant benefits that can be secured, including the speed in which you can achieve year-on-year cost savings and the expected returns.

The calculator takes into account unique business considerations and the output provides highly effective financial justification to support a business case and secure budget approval for the acquisition of  IWMS software.

  • Allows you to understand the timeframe in which FM software can deliver cost savings for your business
  • Provides accurate insight into year-on-year returns and payback period
  • Takes into account costs internal and external infrastructure and implementation costs, to give a realistic picture
  • Generates a detailed financial output to support a business case for FM software
  • Provides an ideal opportunity to review current business processes and identify areas where operational savings can be made

The ROI calculator is completed in conjunction with a Service Works Global representative, via a complimentary consultation

To arrange your free, no commitment, return on investment software assessment, please contact us.