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BIM for Real Estate Planning - SWG

Building information modelling (BIM) enables on seamless stakeholder collaboration from design to operation, with secure yet accessible data at its core.

QFM BIM is a cloud-based solution for the transparent and collaborative planning, management and co-ordination of projects and assets, providing centralized information about every element of the building, from the dimensions and use of each area, to the fire class of doors and the make, model and serial number of each asset –and more. No CAD knowledge is required, making this software accessible for all.

QFM BIM supports integration with Revit, ArchiCAD and IFC. Through this, information can be synchronised bidirectionally between QFM BIM and the design tool models to keep data accurate. With the integration of the asset database, a completely uninterrupted flow of information from project to management is achieved.

For the operational phase, the software allows facility managers to search, manage and sort large quantities of asset and building data quickly and in user-friendly formats. Furthermore, the two-way integration means asset and maintenance data can be managed within the IWMS software if preferred, rather than the BIM model.

  • Secure, cloud-based software accessible through any browser
  • Improved stakeholder collaboration for faster construction project delivery
  • Streamlines the move from construction to building operation and maintenance
  • Quick and easy for FMs to search, manage and sort large data sets
  • Easy production of reports and lists to track outstanding and completed tasks
  • No CAD knowledge required
  • Data is kept secure through the use of read and edit permissions

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