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Facilities Managers are all too aware of the damaging impact that equipment breakdowns have on profitability. Asset failure can lead to a fall in productivity, pose a risk to health and safety compliance and affect business performance.

Therefore, fast rectification of arising issues is essential – not just to the FM team but to the business as a whole. By using CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) software, such as Service Works’ QFM, a facilities manager can increase work efficiency and reduce the time lost to equipment breakdowns. Once implemented, CAFM software can provide powerful tools, including a range of features to streamline both planned and reactive maintenance scheduling.

  • A system as mobile as the FM team
    Choose a CAFM system with a mobile app that works on any device, to allow field-based operatives and contractors to receive, update and close jobs on the move. With QFM Mobile, information is updated in real-time, and when the operative is in an area without mobile connectivity, offline capabilities ensure uninterrupted system access. By improving communication, engineers can reduce job rectification times and improve service quality.
  • Partner maintenance tasks with the required skills
    Graphical scheduling tools make managing resources simple. Showing the team’s shift patterns, annual leave and sick days, as well as their skill sets and availability, tasks can be intelligently assigned to the most appropriate operative. In this way, first time fixes are increased and asset downtime is minimised.
  • Empower customers through self-service FM tools
    Self-service is a system of allowing building users access to the CAFM system via a kiosk or public computer, enabling them to report jobs in public areas. A user-friendly, graphic interface means they require no training to use the system, and company-defined security controls prevent access to other parts of the system. This service-centric approach is proven to streamline job management, ensure customer satisfaction and reduce costs.
  • Identify areas for improvement
    CAFM software boasts powerful reporting capabilities. By setting KPIs and SLAs within the system, performance can be monitored and output can be measured. Through either bespoke or a wide choice of system reports, improvements can be identified and implemented to improve efficiency.
  • Leverage BIM data
    Integrating FM software with BIM (Building Information Modelling) provides access to accurate asset data from the moment a building becomes operational. Such is the holistic nature of the BIM and FM integrated data, problems can be diagnosed quickly and performance predicted resulting in fewer equipment and asset failures. Maintenance engineers can also see a 3D visualisation of the asset and its location, together with all service history and specification, and contract information in advance of a maintenance visit, reducing repeat visits and improving response times.

For more information about how facilities management software can improve your maintenance scheduling, contact your local Service Works’ office of email info@swg.com.