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CAFM training for value for money

The hard work has been done. You’ve researched the market, found CAFM software that meets your unique business requirements, and you’ve worked with the vendor to implement it. But there is still an element of upkeep required to ensure the FM team get the maximum benefit from the system. As facilities management is constantly developing to meet the challenges of the built environment and evolving workforce, CAFM too is evolving in support of this. Good CAFM vendors will regularly update their software with new modules, functionality and updates to ensure a futureproof solution that will grow with its clients.

Comprehensive training is often included as part of the implementation process, not least to ensure buy-in across the teams and help with the transition from the old system. Once the CAFM is established however, training should not diminish in importance. Software like SWG’s QFM is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive to use, so new users can hit the ground running – especially with the library of videos, manuals and FAQs in our online Client Portal. However, refresher training can breathe life back into the user base. Providing valuable tips, tricks and short cuts that can help get results faster, training can provide inspiration in finding new and better ways of performing existing tasks. And of course, short sessions are perfect for new users to digest.

SWG offers in-depth training, tailored to clients and their specific operational needs; as well as short, punchy online training that can fit around a busy schedule. These courses are constantly refreshed to include the newest developments in our software – both for new QFM modules and updates to core functionality.

The next online training sessions start from March 12th 2021 with QFM Resource Scheduler, a tool to help intelligently manage personnel for planned and reactive maintenance tasks. For more details and to book, please log in to the Client Portal or contact your account manager.

If you’d like to know more about how Service Works Global can support you through the life of your CAFM system, ensuring you get the best value and most use from your software, contact us for a chat.


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