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Facilities management and public private partnership insight

2017 was a year of change and discovery for facilities management, as technology throttled through the industry at great pace. An influx of new techniques and best practice for existing methodology influenced the sector, inspiring FMs to apply the benefits to their own facilities. Service Works has written blogs on many subjects over the last 18 months, from insights into CAFM to analysis of industry news and events. They have provided a key source of information to many, but which were the most viewed subjects in 2017?


A topic that has been high on the agenda for some time, building information modelling (BIM) still has capacity to be more greatly utilised in both construction and FM industries. BIM provides digital simulations of all stages of the design, build and operational processes and provides FMs with better-informed decision-making, clarity, improved communication and, overall, better business outcomes. It has been mandated for UK public sector projects since April 2016 and is rapidly gaining ground in the private sector as well as across other countries like Australia and Canada. Increasing numbers of FMs are keen to familiarise themselves with BIM before commencing a fundamental change in working and ask: “what are the benefits for facilities managers?” While this article was posted in 2016, it was most read blog page last year, confirming the importance of this data-driven and collaborative process.

Asset management

Last year our APAC FM Software Survey revealed that facilities managers are becoming increasingly savvy in their asset management, turning to data and software to manage their buildings and equipment. 73% of survey respondents are now using CAFM for asset management, with some reporting an increased budget specifically for this purpose. Our back to basics guide on setting up an asset register was most widely read across all regions, followed closely by articles on how to use CAFM to maximise efficiency and asset life, such as Data Driven Asset Management and Using Technology to Improve Asset Management.

FM technology trends and surveys

Ever with an eye to the future, articles on sensors and IoT also held particular interest to FMs in 2017. Our most blog post on this subject, The Future Workplace – Sensors and IoT, discussed the early adoption of smart technology in FM and how it can provide more efficient customer service, generate cost savings and create a more employee-focussed workplace. Readers were also keen to benchmark themselves against other organisations. Analysis of two recent Service Works’ FM software surveys ranked in the top 10 most read blog posts last year: What Does the Future Hold for Facilities Management? from our Asia Pacific software survey and FM Market Insight from our UK FM software survey in 2016.

Our next FM software survey will be launch in the UK later this month in association with leading industry journal FMJ, which will provide insight into how technology is affecting FM and the challenges the industry expects to face – sign up to our blog mailing list to be among the first to receive the results: http://www.swg.com/qatar/blog-signup/.