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Managing all the work requests within a facility, especially a multi-site organisation, can be a logistical difficulty. A help desk function is usually the hub of a facilities management operation; managing contracts, maintaining asset histories, creating rotas, ensuring task completion in line with SLAs and KPIs, liaising with supply chains – all in addition to receiving and logging reactive calls.

Yet many facilities management help desks can be limited by the time constraints they face and the volume of calls and paperwork they must deal with. So what if there was a way to reduce both of these factors, and at the same improve efficiency and keep all requests managed centrally?

Banish the paperwork, reduce the admin

A CAFM system with self-service functionality, such as QFM, can transform your business by alleviating some of the pressure from your help desk, while allowing them to remain in complete control of all requests.

With QFM self-service facilities management software, users are empowered to make maintenance requests, book a meeting room or hot desk, book catering, a porter or reception services, via an intuitive graphical user interface. In addition, engineers can update their job progress with data and even photographs which are all logged directly on the system. QFM self-service is web based, and therefore accessible from any location, on any internet-ready device. Alternatively, in busy public areas like hospitals, stadiums or theatres, the software can be accessed via public computers or kiosks. This means members of the public can log requests, such as cleaning, more easily which in turn allows the FM service to be more efficient.

Self-service is our most easy-to-use module; the graphical-led interface is easy and intuitive, meaning training time required is minimal and system uptake is optimised. All requests are stored centrally and accessed by the help desk team, who can then allocate resources in the most efficient way.

Streamlining facilities management

Through this FM software, your help desk service is relieved of some of the time-consuming administration of fielding phone calls and transferring paper and email requests to a database, and can use this extra time to help improve organisational efficiency. For example:

  • Automated emails can be sent to the self-service user to confirm receipt of request as well as completion of work, eliminating the need for progress reports.
  • QFM can automatically allocate tasks directly to contractors (for example, boiler maintenance) instead of going to the help desk to be manually assigned. The contractor can then update their progress though QFM self-service and even supply photographic evidence so the job can be closed off without the need to re-type paperwork.
  • Help desk operatives maintain complete control of all FM requests in the organisation. QFM shows all workflows at a glance, with a red, amber and green highlight system to aid work prioritisation and ensure no deadlines are missed.

See our QFM Self-Service feature for more information, or contact us on 020 8877 4080 to learn how our facilities management software can transform your business.