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Light CAFM for Low-Cost Facilities Management

The coronavirus pandemic has kept all but key and essential workers at home for weeks, but as lockdown begins to ease and some employees head back to the office, pressure to maintain a safe, hygienic and fully functional space is as never before.

Recent research from the FM Tech Survey 2020 found that teams of 1-5 people are less likely to be using a CAFM system to help manage FM. Before the pandemic, working in smaller teams meant tasks and requests could be more easily tracked, but the need to maintain consistently high standards and social distancing (and the communication challenges that can bring) has meant that new protection measures need to be put in place.

QFM Express

To help with the challenge of providing a safe return to work environment, Service Works Global has launched new light CAFM system, which is ideal for small and medium-size companies looking for a reliable, easy to set up, and less expensive solution.

QFM Express allows FMs to log jobs, manage deadlines and create reports on web or mobile. And being a hosted SaaS (software as a service) solution, it can be quickly and remotely set up with no in-house infrastructure or IT skills required.

Job management

QFM Express has an intelligent job management system which logs and monitors requests for services and repairs. It schedules work for contractors or in-house operatives so deadlines aren’t missed and customer service remains high. The system can do all of this automatically based on pre-set criteria, such as an operatives skills and location, so there’s no need for a staffed help desk. A set of pre-defined reports is available within the system for contractor monitoring, activity management and compliance reporting, providing meaningful data to support the FM function.

Forms and checklists

The software features a set of pre-defined forms designed for field-based tasks such as carrying out surveys, inspections, audits and gathering feedback. For example, a checklist can be attached to a cleaning job to ensure that the work is completed thoroughly and to the same standard each time, no matter who undertakes the work.

Reliable, easy-access software

SWG manages the software, servers and client data in a highly secure environment eliminating the need for in-house servers, support and capital expense.

Clients benefit from improved performance and have access to a wider range of back-up, disaster recovery and high availability options provided by the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Azure’s advanced scalability provides seamless and instant control over the resources required, providing optimum performance of QFM Express software.

For more information about QFM Express, or to book a demonstration, contact us here.


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