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SWG Blog - Top 3 Reasons For Booking Software

With space at a premium in many organisations, shared areas like meeting rooms, conference rooms and hot desks are high-value assets.  Utilising these resources to maximum effect is often not achieved, and therefore costs your business money in wasted space, time and reputation. This can easily be addressed, however, using booking software through a CAFM solution, such as Service Works’ QFM.

 1. Time

Using room booking software is the most efficient way to browse, create and manage a space request. Rather than having to make an enquiry via phone or email, room booking software allows the user to see availability for all shared spaces across the organisation and search for rooms using filters such as date, time, capacity or equipment (e.g. Smartboard or projector). QFM software allows for this to be done remotely so users can also book a hot desk, for example, on the way to the office so they can start work immediately upon their arrival.

Room booking software will also allow the user to see details of existing bookings, so in the event that an alternative time / location isn’t possible, communication channels can be opened to make an alternative agreement or arrangement.

2. Resources

Unused space costs your business money. Using QFM Room Bookings, it becomes easy to view and therefore to book rooms, and also request additional services such as catering or AV. An administrator can then use the software to track the cost for space, resources and shared services for each booking, and automatically calculate departmental cross charging to ensure effective cost control.  Reports can be created to identify any under-performing rooms, which can then be assessed and any problems addressed to make the area more usable or desirable.

Booking software can be used to make your resources work harder. For example if meeting attendees fail to check into their room within a given time, the space can be released back into the system where it can be rebooked. This is especially useful where a long meeting has been planned, as several other bookings can then be made in its place.

3. Reputation

A smooth, easy to use system is not only important for employee satisfaction, but also for cementing an external reputation. Double-booked meeting rooms with inadequate resources give a poor impression, and reduce productivity. QFM Room booking software can eliminate this problem, and when integrated with visitor booking software, the results are impressive. Visitors can be checked in quickly on reception using information pre-populated on the system, which can then trigger an automatic email to the meeting host to inform them of their guest’s arrival. Their name, company and meeting subject can also be set to display on a screen outside the booked room, welcoming the visitor and setting the tone for the meeting.

QFM visitor booking software can also be established on unmanned reception areas, allowing guests to arrive and book themselves in (self-service), without needing to queue to speak to a busy receptionist. As a result of using software instead of paper for this task, information is kept secure and reports for health and safety (i.e. fire alarm) or security can be produced in an instant.


For more information on visitor or room booking software and the benefits it can bring your organisation, contact us on 020 8877 4080.