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3 Examples of BIM at Work

Property owners such as developers, landlords and facility managers all benefit from using building information modelling (BIM) but their work in and on a building will typically lead to different BIM requirements. It should be defined from the start regarding what needs to be achieved by implementing a BIM process and what production results are required, as this affects how the project is undertaken.


In its role in the design and development phase, BIM is used to create a more efficient construction process. BIM methodology is accepted across the world and there are many good examples of how people have streamlined their processes with the help of BIM.

Benefit: The finished building meets the original plans and is functional and attractive. The BIM model enables clashes or layout errors to be easily identified before construction begins so that time and materials are not wasted in reworking or creating workarounds, as may otherwise happen. This also means that the end result is more affordable for buyers or renters.


Marketing begins even before the premises or home is built, and it needs to be packaged in attractive way to entice interested parties. With the help of the BIM model, a digital visualisation can be viewed without needing to download any software, our visualisation services create a virtual reality experience. By simply scanning a QR code with a mobile phone camera, a 360o view of a room or floor can be seen which enables a virtual ‘walk around’ simply by turning the phone. The simplicity is very appealing as the visualisation becomes easily accessible to many.  SWG has seen strong market interest with a number of residential and commercial managers keen to benefit from this technology.

Benefit: Easy to package and market premises and homes even before they are built. Visualisation, photos and videos enable landlords to present the space for potential tenants, making it easy for them to view the premises digitally.

Test it yourself: Launch the camera in your mobile (iOS and Android), hold it in front of the QR code below and click on the link that appears. Swipe the screen to look around the apartment, click on the arrow to view other rooms.

Facilities managers

Building tenants expect everything to work with as few operational disruptions as possible. In the event of any problems, tenants want to be able report the problem easily, get feedback and know that it will be resolved as soon as possible. In projects where BIM is used, a large amount of ‘as-built’ data is created that is of important value to the managing organisation carrying out the operation and maintenance of its premises or homes.

Benefit : By using the BIM model containing digitised building information, accessible data is created which can be used for automation. All the objects created in the model (spaces, doors, roofs, pumps, etc.), together with their properties, can be linked to real-time data, for example from sensors, for maintenance. This allows potential problems to be discovered and corrected before the tenant even experiences any disruption.


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