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New survey for Australia - how are FMs using technology

With the influx of new technology – from the familiar, such as mobile apps, to cutting-edge sensors and IoT, now more than ever before facilities managers need to stay informed of new industry developments and trends. Small changes in operations can have a big impact on the FM team. For example, those adopting mobile devices for their workforce are finding a direct increase in productivity due to improved access to job-critical information from any location. Many others are now following suit, having seen the benefits that this technology can bring.

Challenges revealed

As a leading edge FM technology provider, Service Works often partners with industry bodies and leading FM publications in order to conduct and share important research – both regarding the market in general and how technology is affecting FMs. Our most recent survey, conducted across the UK and Ireland, revealed the challenges facing the industry and how these are being addressed. For example, budgetary pressures and how the increased use of CAFM software is being used to improve the management of deadlines, data and resources in order to secure control of budgets. Mobile apps were reported as an area of great importance, with an increase of almost a third from the previous year, taking advantage of the increased functionality development and greater accessibility of mobile devices. An interest in IoT (Internet of Things) was beginning to emerge, highlighting the early stages of the move towards smart devices, such as fitness trackers, sensors, smartwatches and augmented reality headsets.

Global insight

Facilities management in Asia-Pacific is booming, and research into how much of this growth is fuelled by technology and the challenges that FMs are predicting for the coming year will prove vital. We have partnered with Facility Management Magazine to conduct this research, and invite those working in the industry – whether in-house, service provider or consultant – to take part As well as the chance to win $1000 shopping vouchers in our prize draw, all entries will help build an accurate picture of how technology is being used across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. All entrants will be sent a copy of the results on publication, providing essential insight for organisations to benchmark themselves against the industry, with the ability to see what technology others are finding useful to meet their challenges. Analysis will also be published comparing the results from Asia-Pacific to the UK, in order to create an analysis of the international market.

Make sure your views are heard – take part in the survey now: http://swg.com/aus/survey/

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