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Service Works Global - annual QFM User Group Conference at RICS in Central London

QFM’s property management functionality is a comprehensive system that allows you to monitor lease expirations, rent reviews and break clauses, with automated notifications for key dates, to ensure that critical deadlines are not overlooked. Integrated document management provides the capability to attach legal documents, plans and photographs to property records to centralise real estate information. It is highly configurable, allowing you to create personal views and alerts based upon your unique user profile. This ensures that you are able to easily organise your workload and categorise it by site, area or priority as required.

Online access enables your tenants and building occupants to log and track jobs, to reduce the administrative workload placed upon the FM help desk or property manager. Whether you are an owner occupier, property manager or tenant, QFM provides a complete property management software solution to meet your real estate management needs.

  • Property register centralises all real estate information
  • Graphical planning tools enable proactive diary management
  • Configurable alerts provide reminders for key dates
  • Flexible reporting enables interrogation of property data
  • Self-service job logging portal improves customer service for tenants and building users
  • Detailed expense analysis provides complete control over income and expenditure

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Service Works Global - annual QFM User Group Conference at RICS in Central London
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