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Choosing FM Software: from CAFM and CMMS to IWMS and MMS

Buying power: a guide to guide FMs through the maze of choosing software

From CAFM and CMMS to IWMS and MMS, there is a huge amount of confusion around facilities management software terminology, which makes selecting a tool, and putting together a business case, a complex task.

A new guide from leading facilities management software provider Service Works Group cuts through the jargon and explains in simple terms how to:

  • Review the market and select a system that’s right for your organisation
  • Develop a successful implementation plan
  • Build an effective project team
  • Manage the FM software supplier
  • Manage data review, system design and set-up, including defining bespoke customisation, reporting requirements and managing system security
  • Integrate the system with third party applications
  • Manage user acceptance testing
  • Go live with a new FM software system
  • Manage post-sales support and training.

The guide helps FMs ask important questions such as:

  •  How does this solution align with current and future core business needs?
  • What are the current costs and costs of potential system changes?
  • What is the best vendor sourcing strategy?
  • What are the expected outcomes of this investment?
  • How will the software solution be impacted by future external factors, such as increased workforce mobility and developments in technology?

“In the current economy, organisations require a solid justification for key expenditure such as a software solution,” explains Gary Watkins, CEO of Service Works Group. “Our guide helps FMs through this process and encourages them to ask the right questions at the right time so they not only choose the system which is right for their business but they get the most out of both the system and their software partner.”

To receive a complimentary copy of Service Works’ ‘Guide to Buying FM Software’, please email info@swg.com or call +44 (0)208 877 4080.