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What to expect when digitising exiting buildings for BIM

For buildings constructed without building information modelling (BIM) it is still possible to create digitised data and a model to gain a wealth of information for FM.

Service Works Global provides digitisation services including laser scanning and modelling and visualisation to create lifelike, accurate 3D models of your site. From this, an FM can see measurements, locations, access points, information tags like acceptable temperature range, room use or renter details. Once an asset database has been integrated, the model will then show more in depth detail such as asset history, warranties, reordering details for spare parts, manuals and in progress works.

Our software, QFM BIM, allows FMs to access the data either from the model by clicking on points of interest, by drilling down into data using a spreadsheet style interface for easy sorting and filtering, or through an integrated CAFM system, QFM. A bi-directional integration ensures asset details updated in one system are reflected in the other to keep information accurate.

  • Improved access to digitised data for effective facilities and space management
  • View asset information and measure / categorise space easily
  • Virtual models aid maintenance management and eliminate unnecessary call outs
  • Two way integration with QFM means data can be updated from database or model
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing data

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