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BIM property visualisation services

Service Works Global’s visualisation services provide inspiring digital renders of buildings not yet constructed or re-imagined with a different purpose.

Few people can create a mental image of 2D floor plans and lists of inventories. By visualising vacant premises / apartments, realistic 3D images are produced as well as the opportunity to make virtual visits using VR technology, which greatly contributes to a deeper understanding of what the object looks like, or should look like, and how it works.

This is ideal for property managers who can show buyers their premises without requiring travel for a viewing, or to show how an area could be transformed from a lifeless and vacant space into a vibrant café or office. It also helps speed up decision making within construction due to the improved physical understanding of the space and proposals.

Benefits of visualisation:

  • A faster way to qualified decisions in the construction process
  • Changes can be communicated to all parties during the building process so that everyone, not just those who can read drawings, can understand and make comments
  • High priority spaces, like an operating room in a hospital, can be experienced virtually by those who will work in it, and have the opportunities to share their views
  • The buyer / tenant gains an increased understanding of and is inspired by what the premises / home will look like
  • Through virtual tours and 3D movies of the object, understanding can be further increased

Bildtext: Exempel på visualisering av kontor från en 3D-BIM-modell.

Above is an example of visualised offices from a 3D BIM model. Click on the image to make a tour of the room. To change rooms, click on the blue circle.










Above is a floor plan (left) and a visualised image of an apartment (right), both created from the 3D BIM model. Make a virtual study visit to the apartment: Click on the image, walk around the room and change rooms by clicking on the arrow. 


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