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Facility Management auding using QFM CMMS Software

QFM Audits supports room, service, and job-based auditing, allowing facilities management teams to identify failing standards of service and assets as well as enable service providers to demonstrate whether SLAs have or have not been met.

SWG’s auditing functionality complements QFM’s scheduled and reactive maintenance features to provide organisations with a constant quality improvement cycle, with regular inspections that help identify which areas need attention.

  • Deliver audits according to industry standards or room type
  • Schedule audits based on criteria including location, functional area, and room type
  • Dispatch to a the mobile of an auditor or FM operative for ease and speed
  • Organisations can measure results against prescribed benchmarks by assessing the number of passed versus failed service deliveries
  • Enables service providers to demonstrate that they are delivering the service and meeting SLA standards
  • Providing operatives access to job history information including visit history and attachments
  • Operatives can pass or fail a job if quality standards are not met
  • Proof of presence checks can be implemented such as barcode scanning when accessing rooms
  • Integrates with reporting tools such as Microsoft Power BI® and Tableau®

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