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BIM integration QFM software from Service Works Global

Building information modelling (BIM)  is increasingly started to be mandated across the globe, notably for for public sector new builds and refurbishments, whereby project and asset information, documentation and data must be available digitally to enable each part of the supply chain, from architects, though to construction and facility / maintenance management companies to share the same data.

BIM allows organisations to streamline the transition  from construction to building operation, derive cost savings and improve carbon performance in the long term, through the use of open shareable asset information, which results in optimum asset performance.

We have developed a construction operations building information exchange (COBie) interface for QFM software, which can be used to import BIM data, optimising asset data collection, enabling effective management of building components and ensuring that you remain compliant with impending legislation.

  • Combine BIM and existing FM data to eliminate duplication: one version of the truth
  • Two way BIM integration for real-time data updates
  • Improve quality and accuracy of asset information
  • Accurate 3D models aid maintenance management and eliminate unnecessary call-outs
  • Integration between BIM models and QFM BIMi enables 3D visualisation of asset and building data, to support accurate move management and scenario planning

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