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BIM for FM - Recap of Service Works' BIM webinar

Service Works Global has over 25 years’ experience in digitisation and BIM, offering everything required to transform buildings and drawings into insightful digital models.

The need for accurate and updated building information during the operational phase is constantly growing. Our digitisation services help property owners and facilities management teams access information about the whole building at the touch of a button. Though modelling we enable your properties to become 3D digital models and bring them to life:

  • Digital 3D models of properties with associated building information and processes lay the foundation for an updated, useful and easily accessible property information model (BIM model).
  • Information added to the BIM model – which properties are connected to each space – allows for opportunity to build automated flows and increase the availability of relevant information connected to the space. This could be who the tenant is, how the space should be cleaned or what installations, equipment or furnishings there are in the space.
  • Spaces can be classified by use to help measure the efficiency of the site, for example to understand how many square meters on a floor or the whole building, or how much is used per department, employee, student or patient.