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A decade of FM surveys with SWG

“We can manipulate the data and design our own reports within QFM. All our clients have different requirements, but we can easily build reports to suit their needs. I’ve even set up a few automated reports for the Board which saves so much time.

QFM has transformed our monthly business reporting. Everything is clear as all the data is in one place, and we’ve become less reactive and more strategic as a result. We are able to identify trends in asset maintenance.”
BNP Paribas


Quality and reputation are the hallmark of a blue chip company, with an expectation of flawless unity even across sites of different ages, regions and maintained by different teams. For the facility manager, the task of ensuring that resources are used effectively and jobs are allocated and completed on time can be challenging.

Service Works Global’s QFM computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) software provides flexibility and transparency to this task, centralising all requests to allow them to be appropriately distributed and tracked. Extensive reporting and data management enables in depth analysis of service and asset performance trends, allowing identification and remedy of potential problems.

QFM is easy to implement – either at your site or remotely – and easy to use. Our intuitive training allows teams to pick up the system quickly QFM’s self-service tools allow building users to make requests and report problems using a simple pictorial interface. Screens can be customised with drop downs and intuitive icons relevant to the request type, and all requests go straight to the help desk to be allocated and prioritised. Updates can be emailed to the user directly to minimise calls to the help desk.

QFM tools for blue chip organisations include:

  • Integrated help desk and mobile app
  • Asset management and lifecycle
  • Self-service tools for building users
  • Automated reporting and over 400 templates
  • Property management
  • Space and move management
  • Work permits.

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