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We are dedicated to building long-term alliances with industry bodies and technology experts. As active members of leading FM, property and PPP industry associations, and through world-recognised software accreditations, we ensure that we remain abreast of industry trends and maintain the highest standards of product development for our customers.

  • Due Diligence


    Our due diligence consultancy service ensures optimal risk analysis underpinned by a transparent, partnership approach. We undertake a detailed contract review and where potentially conflicting interpretations may arise, we secure validation of the expected outcome, to enable you meet service delivery expectations. Should we discover contractual omissions or conflicting clauses, we flag these to you to enable informed discussions between stakeholders. This helps to mitigate the risk of project delivery at the initial set-up stage and ensures long term operational success.

    • Helps you to understand commercial and technical PPP contract risk
    • Allows you to make informed decisions on the acceptability of contractual terms
    • Ensures transparency between all PPP stakeholders
    • Delivers maximum value from PPP contracts
    • Tailored approach meets the needs of all industry sectors and contract types
  • Facility Management Association of Australia


    We are a Support Member of the Facility Management Association of Australia. We regularly
    attend FMA industry briefings and workshops on best practice in Facilities Management.

    Follow link for more information about FMA

  • Reporting


    QFM provides a powerful set of user-definable reporting tools for real-time performance monitoring, trend analysis and KPI / SLA management. The software comes equipped with a comprehensive array of dashboard, text based and graphical reports to ensure that vital business information is readily available to key staff. QFM transforms data into meaningful and actionable information to support strategic decision making and makes a positive impact on your organisation’s bottom line.

    • Report generation using over 400 standard templates for analysing trends and patterns
    • Comprehensive enterprise dashboard for high-level, real-time reporting
    • Extensive flexibility via ad-hoc reporting and user-definable filters
    • Automated distribution of reports to key stakeholders
    • Specialised FM Helpdesk and Property Management reporting tools which provide critical real-time KPI monitoring through a single screen
    • Customised reporting via Crystal Reports integration
July 2024

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June 2024

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October 2014

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