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BIM modelling sport centre SWG

Digitisation and BIM modelling of a sports centre to provide Lejonfastigheter with the correct basis for redevelopment

Property management company Lejonfastigheter has partnered with Service Works Global (SWG) to produce accurate building information to support redevelopment of the sports centre in Linköping, Sweden. A 3D BIM model was created of the building, and the whole project was completed in just 11 weeks.

Tim Andreassen, Technical Information Officer at Lejonfastigheter says:

“We lacked a good foundation of accurate drawings, especially for the parts of the site that have been rebuilt several times over the years. By digitising the entire sports centre, we now have a geometrically correct BIM model, including renovations, that we can use and keep updated over time. We chose SWG as a partner because they deliver materials of very high quality and have good experience of this type of project.”

This video shows the process of creating an accurate BIM model of the sports centre and how the building data can be used.

The project included:

  • 3D laser scanning part of the building, processing the point cloud and developing a BIM model
  • Digitising existing drawings and adding these to the BIM model, at SWG’s LoD 200
  • All building information, including the correct relationship model, is made available in QFM BIM.

The client is able to access:

  • A geometrically correct 3D BIM model, drawings, facades and sections as well as color-coded layouts on areas and spaces for all floors
  • Point cloud with complete navigable 3D image and correct measurements
  • Building information available for all employees to use around the clock.

Lejonfastigheter provides Linköping’s municipal operations with properties and premises that include the sports centre. It is one of the city’s most popular, where a large number of sports are practiced and concerts are held. The premises are 7,800 square meters. The large hall holds 2,200 spectators, of which 1,600 are seated.

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