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Nordic Museum

With the support of reality capture technology, SWG has developed the basis for a digital twin of Sweden’s Nordic Museum building, with a comprehensive level of detail. This comprises a complete 3D model with accurate interior and exterior measurements, in addition to related documents for remodelling and repairs. It ensures that this prestigious building, with its towers and pinnacles, sculptures and reliefs, spiers and high gables is documented digitally and can be preserved.


3D Model of the Nordic Museum


Kennet Blixt, Director of Properties for the Nordic Museum explains:

“One of the reasons why we chose to digitise was that we lacked internal resources to manage our drawing archive. In addition, we did not have the tools to easily search, read, measure and comment on the drawings of our historic buildings”.

“With the 3D laser scanning service supplied by SWG, we now have accurate digital models and drawings, something that we previously lacked. We have improved the quality of our building data and ensured that we have a strong basis for future maintenance and repairs.”

“The catastrophic fire in Notre Dame in 2019 highlighted how important it is to have building information updated and available. I am pleased to say that we have that data now for the Nordic Museum”.



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