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Aged care refrorms royal commission CMMS

Specialist care organisations like aged care, social care and special needs education can have complex requirements for their building users. Many facilities teams are still using spreadsheets and email processes to manage their sites, but the benefits of computerised maintenance management systems or CMMS software means that FMs can manage work and deadlines more easily, speed up service and identify cost savings.

Service Works Global (SWG) has published a new white paper, Quick Guide to Implementing CMMS for Aged Care, to help those considering CMMS software.

The guide breaks down the process of implementing CMMS software in a quick and understandable way, providing tips on what to consider before purchase and the steps involved in getting a new system successfully up and running.

On the surface, spreadsheets offer a low-cost and easily accessible solution, especially for small or not-for-profit organisations. However, relying on them as a primary source of information for reactive and planned maintenance management, as well as asset and performance management, has its limitations. CMMS software could offer automation, in addition to secure, centralised data and an easier and more efficient way to manage all parts of the FM service.

Download your complimentary guide here, or see how SWG’s CMMS software, QFM, could help improve your reporting, help desk and service levels by watching a short demo video here.

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