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BIM – Digitising Information for Existing Buildings

Australian businesses are increasingly taking advantage of ‘connected data’ through digitisation and BIM, allowing transformation of even existing buildings into centres for insight.

Service Works Global has over 25 years’ experience of working with digital models, BIM, and helping FMs extract the benefits. We’ve created a webinar series to show how and why any building can be digitised – whether it be housing, office, retail unit, hospital or stadium.

Digitising Existing Buildings from Drawings – Wed 11th November, 4.30pm AEDT
Find out how accurate models of your buildings can be made from paper or CAD drawings or floorplans, while also reducing costs and time spent completing works.

Digitising Existing Buildings Using 3D Laser Scanning & Modelling – Wed 18th November, 4.30pm AEDT
Learn how models can be created from laser scanning and modelling to classify use of space for easier business analysis. You will also hear how the two-way integration with CMMS can help you better manage assets for greater business efficiency.

Creating the Digital Twin – Wed 25th November, 4.30pm AEDT
A digital twin is the next level in accessing data and improving FM service. Learn how a digital twin can be made of your building to create an accurate, virtual replica to reduce maintenance costs by predicting maintenance issues before breakdowns occur.

Each session lasts just 30 minutes and will explain digitisation through to BIM and digital twins from a facility and property management point of view.

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For more information on the webinars or to discuss how SWG can digitise your buildings, please email info@swg.com.


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